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Puppies for sale

We currently do not have puppies but expect some maybe in september 2019


Here is our puppies for sale page.  We currently have 2 breeding females.  Both are a Border Collie Aussie Cross' that we raised and are full sisters.  They are both blue merle by Johnny Ringo and our late blue merle Aussie female, Pickles.  Their names are Gherkin and Guinea.  We have an upcoming full Border Collie female, Sioux, that we will breed when she is old enough.         

If you want a puppy – If you are interested in a puppy send me an email to cole.7HLQuarterHorses@hotmail.com  and I will move it into my "puppy file".  The puppies will be "available for sale" at 1-3 days old when their photo is made.  If you want the tail left on, just let me know asap and we will not dock it.  We want the new owner to have the tail which ever they prefer.  We prefer no tail but some people like them.  Just please be clear about your preference on the tail on or tail off.  

As soon as we have available puppies I will send everyone a message that messaged me, that we have puppies and this puppy page will be updated with pictures.  At that time you can select the puppy you want and email me and let me know (make sure you have gotten a response from me by phone or email to hold your puppy) and mail your money in (the full amount).  At that time I will mark the puppy's status on the website from "available" to "sale pending".  If I do not receive your payment within 5 mailing days I will make the puppy "available" again to the public.  As soon as I receive the payment I will change the status of that puppy to "sold".  I do not sell pups before they are born because we never know what we are going to have nor how many.  The puppies are usually ready to go to their forever homes around 6 weeks of age.  They can stay until the 8th week of age.  After that, I will charge boarding.  The puppies are very mobile at that age and they make me real nervous that something is going to happen to them!  lol  Although I do my best protecting them, but at that time they will be home alone because all the mommas go to work Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm.  So having said that, puppies will be home alone locked up in a stall in the horse barn.  They have plenty of room to run and play but at that time I prefer them to be spending their days in their new homes.  We will provide the first round of puppy vaccines at no extra charge.  All of the pups sell for $300 each, any color any sex, no exceptions, and price is firm.  First come, first serve!  They sell fast, so if you want one, speak up, and send your money in (after they are born)!   

MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO ASHLEIGH COLE  and mail to  PO Box 128, Carlton, TX 76436


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