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Johnny Ringo


Border Collie Male

Johnny Ringo is a 2012 Black and White Border Collie male.  We invested in him because of the high demand for the Border Collie Aussie cross.  Johnny Ringo is a super funny dog.  We are always laughing at him because he is always doing something funny!  Sometimes we will come home from work and he will be standing on a bucket that is turned upside down, watching us pull into the driveway.  He runs around the pasture a lot stalking our calves or the horses, and he is always the one that will come up and have a big ole stick tangled up in his long hair on his tail!  He is such a character!  Ringo is a small framed dog, very agile and super smart.  He only weighs about 35 lbs.  I love his size, and he is super athletic because of it.  Sometimes if he is in the house he sleeps on the couch between the back of it and the cushions and he gets buried and disappears!  Ringo has an amazing natural talent to work livestock.  We can sit on the porch and watch him work the cattle by himself all day long!  He keeps the calves piled up and does not let one stray from the herd.  He has no bark so you never know he is out there working.  His job twice a day is to bring the horses and calves up every morning and every evening to feed.  He lays down out in the pasture all day everyday with the livestock, stalking them and creeping around very slowly and quietly.  We have also worked him on sheep and he is the best help!  He doesn't run them but he still takes control at a slow pace, very quietly.  We have owned him since he was a little puppy and I do not think I have ever herd him bark!  He squeaks sometimes when he gets real excited to see us, but that is it.  :)  He is such a great dog and a lot of fun to watch and be around.  His pups sell for $275 each.

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